How To Defrost Chicken Fast?

How To Defrost Chicken Fast Featured

If you ever had unexpected guests, or your meat delivery guy failed to fulfill the order for the grill cookout, you have certainly felt the inconvenience of having to thaw chicken meat just before you start cooking. As it turns …

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How Long Can You Marinate Chicken?

How Long Can You Marinate Chicken Featured

Let’s be honest for a moment: the main reason why people avoid preparing chicken meat on a cookout day is the bare difficulty of it. Chicken does not have the variety of doneness like steaks do, and that makes it …

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How To Reheat Ribs?

How To Reheat Ribs Featured

Making more than enough food is more common than we like to think. Especially after a grill cookout. Not everyone comes as hungry as you would like them to be, and people just leave the extra food behind. In the …

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How Long To Cook Ribs On A Grill?

How Long To Cook Ribs On A Grill Featured

Everyone likes to nib on a tasty rib! There are many recipes, from slow cooking and smoking to straight on grilling ribs, and the latter turned out to be the favorite of many. The main reason is, of course, the …

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How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Grates?

Clean Cast Iron Grill Grates Featured

If you truly value great cookware and cooking equipment in general, chances are that you have already bought yourself a piece of cast iron. With a reputation to live practically forever, this material requires some tending to, in order to …

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